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Post  Kirsty on Sat Feb 16, 2008 8:28 am

As I mentioned, there won't be any rules as such, so these will be more guidelines:

  • Follow all the rules here.
  • No swearing. I'm gonna be pretty lax about this, and I don't mind mild swearing. Some filters are already in place to prevent more horrible words, and will leave you looking like a fool. If you feel offended at any language used, there should be a report option next to the post. I'll remove the language, and add a filter.
  • Nothing that's unsuitable for anyone under 13. I'm hoping, that everyone is over 13, but just in case.
  • I'd prefer it if you don't use chatspeak. Keepz me sane yo'. (Except in humourous occasions, when chatspeak might be funny.)
  • No spamming. No excuse. Even in the 'Offtopic' thread, please keep it to a minimum. I don't mind double posts, or even triple, but I've turned on editing your own posts for a reason kids.
  • No dissing Westlife, yo'. Instant bannage, ok?*

At this time, deleting your own posts is turned off, but to get your own post deleted, report the post (the triangle exclamation mark.), and in the box, put something along the lines of "DELETE THIS POST: REASON."

There is probably loads that I missed, so just use your common sense.

*Just kidding about the banning. But seriously, don't. They are brilliant.
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Post  Ari on Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:00 pm

Rules. *scoff* hehehe...Sorry for spamming the intro forum. XD lol.
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